Return On Investment

To help you determine whether college is worth it, we provide financial data on specific colleges and majors that...

Paying for College

College tuition can be overwhelming, not to mention the costs of room and board, books and supplies, and food...

College Rankings

The college experience doesn't just include coursework, but the scenery, campus entertainment, and extracurricular...

Planning For the Future

College is just the first step to a lifetime of prosperity. Finding a career afterwards is what puts your skills to...

The College Search

Finding the right college can make or break your future, depending on what you'd like to achieve. The best way...

Tips for Success

Once you've made it to class, the real work begins. College coursework can be a big step up from high school, and...

Grad School & Beyond

Your education doesn't need to stop once your undergraduate degree is completed. Your potential for...

Majors and Minors

Starting off your education undeclared is not always the best idea, as it may lead to wasted classes and more time...

50 Best College Values

When looking for the university you want to attend, sometimes it can all come down to comparing costs and getting the best education for your money. Return on investment, or ROI, is considered one of the most commonly used profitability ratios, dividing your profit by your assets. For the majority of students, attending a university means having to acquire a mass of student loans and debt. Finding the university that fits your interests and has the best ROI rate can not only satisfy your educational needs but also help you ensure that your investment is worth every cent in the end.

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What is Your Degree Expected to Earn?

Before making the financial investment, it is essential to gather all of the facts about the future you are planning. Choosing a degree is one of the biggest decisions, and it will affect the amount you earn for the rest of your life. This list will give you insight on what you can expect to see for up to 30 years after graduated – and based on your percentile!

Find Your Degree

Choosing the Right College

ACTs, SATs, and acceptance letters on top of choosing the right school can be overwhelming for many students. Don't let it get to you - use these eight tips to help you out as you work towards finding the right college.

Choosing the Right College Major

Figuring out the right area of study to pursue in college can be daunting. This article is meant to refocus students’ decision-making process and help remove some of the anxiety from declaring the right major. By exploring the answers...

How to Pay For College Now

The cost of college has risen dramatically over the last few years. At the same time, higher education continues to be an essential way to prepare for a successful career. That’s why it’s crucial for students to come up with effective and creative...

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