Higher paying jobs are one of the biggest reasons people pursue college degrees, but maybe you want more out of life than just a higher paying job. Maybe you want to make a meaningful difference, give something worth keeping to lives you touch, celebrate a life you love, and rest easy when the sun sets. Getting a college degree gives you a strong head start building the lifestyle you desire.Earnings from higher paying jobs make it possible to fund your fondest dreams. The days of abundant opportunities for on-the-job training are dwindling. As evolving technologies and services create higher demand for workers ready to assume responsibilities immediately, employers are raising the stakes to compete for college graduates prepared to get to work. Be they self-centered or selfless plans, higher education prepares you to step into a position and run with it.

  • Top career choices change with the tides of the times.
  • As businesses evolve, expand or expire, having a college degree gives you the flexibility to transition into related jobs more quickly than a less educated worker.
  • When companies close, their laid off, employees scramble for new jobs. Higher education is your ticket to new opportunities doing the kind of work you enjoy in our ever-changing workforce.
  • An incomplete education is not enough for some types of jobs.
  • Some jobs require a college degree. There is no way around them. Get the degree or miss out.
  • Getting a college degree paves a shorter path into philanthropy.
  • Most people like helping others. Yet, some settle for having enough to fund a self-indulgent lifestyle while others acquire more than they need so they can help others also live better lives.
  • Finishing college is an investment in a living legacy. It begins earning interest the day you put it to use. It develops your mind, orders your thinking, and sharpens your focus so you can hone a lucrative livelihood. Whether you work saving lives or serving lobster, the right degree can command the higher income needed to fund favorite charities or even start your own.
  • Completing your college degree increases the likelihood that your children will attend college.
  • In his article published in the April 2014 issue of The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein reported attitudes and numerous statistics confirming that children of parents who got college degrees are more than 3 times likely to follow in their footsteps. Getting one could be considered an investment in your and your children’s futures.
  • Instill pride and inspire hope in family and friends.
  • Seeing you achieve your degree makes parents without college educations proud that you have an advantage they did not. In some ways, it reassures them you will not have the same financial struggles as they. Friends and family who see you graduate college feel like if you did it, so can they, and some will.
  • Completing a degree demonstrates commitment to finishing what you start.
  • Companies want workers they can count on in good times and bad. Finishing your college degree gives you one more domino in the effects you will have in other people’s lives. Make it so.

What is your degree expected to earn?