50 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Fall


These colleges throughout America are fortunate enough to experience breathtaking changes in scenery thanks to the fall season. Just between the start of the school year and the chills of winter you can find these campuses in their full glory. Beautiful displays of crisp orange and red leaves lining trees and pathways offer a quintessential college experience to its students, professors, and visitors. The 50 colleges listed below are some of the most stunning displays of fall across the country.

50 Brandeis University – Waltham, Massachusetts


Yet another beautiful east coast community is the town of Waltham, Massachusetts, home to Brandeis University. This small campus of just over 200 acres houses over 5,000 students. This gives the campus an energetic vibe that is particularly enjoyable as new classes begin each fall. Walking the campus, individuals enjoy radiant coloration as the leaves begin to fall. To accent this fall beauty are Chapels Pond and Massell Pond, both of which provide a scenic view to this campus setting. A favorite of students and visitors is Nipper Maher Park, where individuals may choose an afternoon stroll or a relaxing moment on a bench.

49 Carleton College – Northfield, Minnesota


Located in Northfield, Minnesota, Carleton College is booming with scenic attractions for the fall. The views are almost endless. Vibrant fall leaves can be seen as students or visitors walk by Lyman lake or Cannon River. For additional foliage, individuals can visit Cowling Arboretum. Even more scenic landscapes can be seen on floodplains, prairie, and savannah settings. This rural setting really has it all with such a variety of picturesque locations. Finally, for a break on a bench, visit The Bald Spot and watch the campus come to life.

48 Clark University – Worcester, Massachusetts


In the lively urban city of Worcester, Massachusetts lies Clark University. This small campus of just 50 acres is thriving with life. Not only is the campus filled with vibrant coloration in the fall, but students can be seen walking the paths to and from class. Visitors can enjoy a walk through the campus and marvel at how the colors accent the beautiful architecture. Or, enjoy a cup of coffee on a bench overlooking the fall scenery of this quaint town.

47 Northland College – Ashland, Wisconsin


Situated just blocks away from Lake Superior, Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin is quite a site for fall. While strolling along the Great Lake is sure to bring beautiful views, the campus itself is also a sight to see. With just 600 students enrolled, this rural campus feels cozy and spacious. Students and professors walk along the colorful paths to class each fall and relax on a campus bench to take in the scenery. One visit and Northland College will become your favorite fall destination.

46 Vassar College – Poughkeepsie, New York


Vassar College has a quaint and beautiful campus located just east of downtown Poughkeepsie in New York. With both Vassar and Sunset Lake right on campus, students can enjoy a scenic stroll and experience all of fall’s colors. With only 2,400 students enrolled on 1,000 acres, there is plenty of space to have a fall picnic in a scenic location. Other students are able to enjoy a game of Frisbee or a beautiful study spot on Prentiss Field. This small campus gives a cozy, home-like feel to those visiting and those staying. With a beautiful setting, you are sure to enjoy every moment.

45 Williams College – Williamstown, Massachusetts


If you are looking for incredible views this fall, then Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts must make the list. With a breathtaking view of The Berkshires, the campus offers just about every color you could want to witness in the fall. With just over 2,000 students, the campus feel is friendly and welcoming. Enjoy a walk through this beautiful rural town while attending class as a student or simply enjoying the view as a visitor. Either way, you will love the feel of fall in this setting.

44 Wesleyan University – Middletown, Connecticut


Located in Middletown, Connecticut, it is no surprise to see Wesleyan on the list. Complete with beautiful architecture, walking paths, and many trees, this campus is utterly vibrant in the fall. Students walk to class in the refreshing fall air and visitors enjoy the scene from a bench or the soft grass. With so many ways to witness fall foliage, Wesleyan University will be one to visit each fall.

43 Tufts University – Medford, Massachusetts


Situated in the urban setting of Medford, Massachusetts, Tufts is full of energy each fall. With just 150 acres and over 10,000 students, the campus is alive and vibrant. As you walk through campus, the surrounding trees are full of beautiful reds and yellows. For a relaxing fall afternoon, bring a blanket and enjoy some downtime on the President’s Lawn. Read a book, study for a test, or simply relax with the beauty of fall all around you.

42 Connecticut College – New London, Connecticut


The east coast is filled with beautiful sites and fall colors. Connecticut College is no exception to the beauty. Located in New London, the campus has just under 2,000 students. This creates an atmosphere of closeness and unity. This gives the campus a relaxing feel and makes it a great way to enjoy the refreshing feeling of the fall air. Connecticut College is complete with an arboretum and botanical gardens. Both allow students and visitors to experience fall and all its foliage. Take a stroll through one of these attractions, or enjoy a seat on a bench to take in all there is to see.

41 Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois


Northwestern University is a small campus with lots of excitement! At just under 240 acres, Northwestern’s 20,000 students are full of energy each fall as classes begin. Simply walking through campus, students and visitors are able to experience every shade of red, yellow, and orange that fall brings each year. Plus, the campus sits on beautiful Lake Michigan. Students can study on a bench overlooking the lake, or visitors can take a stroll – either way, all will experience the refreshing feel of the crisp fall breeze trickling through campus. For additional views, one can visit the Deering Meadow and gain even more of an appreciation for fall’s beauty.

40 University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin HM

Imagine a college campus with beautiful buildings, a walking path overlooking a scenic lake, and an energetic city. This is exactly what you get at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. This urban campus is thriving with energy. Students and visitors can read a book on a bench surrounded by leaves of all of fall’s colors. Others may choose a run alongside Lake Mendota or Lake Monona with the refreshing fall breeze. Even more fall colors can be seen in the great Muir Woods where students and visitors can stroll through paths and enjoy the fall views. Plus, the campus even has an arboretum to show off even more of the fall foliage found through the area. Visitors are sure to love this lively campus and are likely to return each fall.

39 Amherst College – Amherst, Massachusetts


For a picturesque fall setting, taking a stroll through Amherst is a colorful treat. Located in rural Amherst, Massachusetts, Amherst College is a must see each fall. Visiting the campus is the perfect way to experience the vibrant fall colors that the East Coast enjoys each fall. Taking a stroll through this 1000 acre campus will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With just under 1,800 students, Amherst College is a peaceful refuge to enjoy fall’s beautiful colors and refreshing breeze. This small college has a cozy feel that is perfect for your fall hot chocolate and fleece jacket.

48 Colgate University – Hamilton, New York


As the season changes from summer to fall, Colgate University’s campus is a sight to see. With an assortment of amber colors, this rural setting in Hamilton, New York will leave you feeling the comfort of the fall harvest. Enjoy your pumpkin snack on a bench overlooking Taylor Lake while feeling the refreshing, brisk fall air. Students and visitors are able to enjoy the view of the surrounding forests showing off their colorful leaves.

37 Lewis & Clark College – Portland, Oregon


Next time you are in Portland, Oregon, visit Lewis and Clark College for a scenic experience. In the fall, this campus is especially beautiful. Situated next to the Williamette River, Lewis and Clark College is surrounded with various shades of reds, yellows, and oranges each fall. On a clear day, nothing beats a view of the surrounding forests from atop Mount Hood.

36 University of Maine – Orono, Maine


For a scenic setting complete with forests, rivers, and impressive architecture, visit the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. Those on campus can enjoy the auburn colors of fall as they walk along the Stillwater and Penobscot Rivers. All areas of campus provide an impressive array of reds, yellows, and oranges. Another great stop while at the University of Maine is the Lyle E. Littlefield Ornamental Gardens. Here, individuals can view a variety of foliage while enjoying the refreshing fall air.

35 Duke University – Durham, North Carolina


Situated in the heart of North Carolina, Duke University is beautiful in any season. However, the fall is particularly special as students and visitors can walk through the cobble stone paths of the Duke campus while really taking in all of the array of fall colors. Duke’s chapel looks astounding surrounded by these vibrant, colorful leaves. Even more enchanting are the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which contain miles of paths through beautiful garden settings. If you’re still craving more fall colors, visitors can stroll through the Duke forest bordering campus for a relaxing and enjoyable fall treat. This campus is sure to leave any visitor feeling the true beauty of North Carolina and the colors of fall. You will, without a doubt, plan a second visit after seeing the sights this campus has to offer.

34 Bates College – Lewiston, Maine


The suburban community of Lewiston, Maine is fortunate to have the quaint campus of Bates College to enjoy the beauty of fall. With just under 2,000 students, Bates College is a great escape from any busy, city life. A quick stroll around campus and you will easily see the beautiful fall colors surrounding the school. One of the best places to enjoy the scenic fall is alongside The Puddle. Bring a blanket to sit for a relaxing break or an enjoyable study session. Visit back during the cooler months to partake in the famous Puddle Jump! Alternatively, visitors and students can talk a walk by Lake Andrews for even more fall views.

33 Walla Walla University – College Place, Washington


Do not let the small enrollment size of under 2,000 at Walla Walla University fool you. With just 55 acres of land, this campus is full of energy and excitement. Fall brings on new classes, a refreshing breeze, and vibrant colors that make this campus feel alive. Those fall colors paired with the beautiful architecture make Walla Walla a great experience during the fall.

32 Brown University – Rhode Island


Providence, Rhode Island is home to the beautiful and quaint Brown University – a great place to spend your fall afternoons. With just 143 acres, Brown University’s 9,000 students feel the close knit excitement of new classes beginning and the crisp fall air. Accented with beautiful architecture, a walk through Brown’s campus is filled with an array of reds, oranges, and yellows. The campus has all the foliage of fall that we all love and you will find yourself hoping to return each season.

31 Swarthmore College – Swarthmore, Pennsylvania


As fall approaches, Swarthmore College transforms into a colorful setting. The small campus and enrollment of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania give this quaint campus a comforting feel, especially in the fall, when sipping coffee and enjoying the pleasant autumn smell is an everyday occurrence. Visitors, students, and professors are all able to enjoy the beautiful fall colors while walking through the woodlands and alongside the scenic creeks. The crisp fall air and foliage can also be enjoyed while strolling through Scott Arboretum.

30 Furman University – Greenville, South Carolina


Located in the surburban Greenville, South Carolina, Furman University is quite a fall destination. The campus shows off all of the beautiful colors of fall that can be enjoyed by walking the paths to class or sitting alongside the surrounding woodlands. Furman University sits around Furman Lake so that students and visitors can enjoy a beautiful view while studying for class or chatting about the weekend. Plus, the campus has a Chinese Garden to provide views of unique foliage that cannot be seen in other areas of South Carolina. And, if you are still looking for more of the outdoors, the campus is situated near Pairs Mountain State Park.

29 Dartmouth College – Hanover, New Hampshire


Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire has a small campus with a larger population of students. This atmosphere is alive with excitement each fall. Students walk to their new classes and meet their professors. Others sip coffee at a local shop. Visitors and students can enjoy the views of the Upper Valley in all the vibrant colors of fall. For a scenic walk, you can enjoy the fall breeze along the Connecticut River. Others may prefer to have a picnic on The Green or take a stroll through the Town of Hanover Cemetery. No matter your choice, you will see breathtaking coloration everywhere you go and you will be dying to visit again next fall.

28 Fordham University at Rosehill – Bronx, New York


You certainly will not regret visiting Fordham University as fall approaches. Located in The Bronx, this urban school is full of excitement each fall. Over 15,000 students attend class each day on just 85 acres. Like much of New York, the campus has that crisp, refreshing fall feel to it. Students can enjoy a study break under a colorful tree or stroll the river overlooking Manhattan. This unique campus is full of life and excitement that will make fall a true joy.

27 Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan


With the largest campus and enrollment on the list, do not let Michigan State University’s 10,000 acres turn you away. In actuality, that means that there is simply more fall beauty to enjoy on this campus. The Red Cedar river runs right through campus and adds even more to the beauty of a colorful fall. At a school specializing in agriculture, the W. J. Beal Botanical Garden and the MSU Horticulture Gardens are both sites that must be seen. Both of these gardens are breathtaking with the vibrant fall backdrop the season provides.

26 Saint Joseph’s College – Standish, Maine


Located in rural Standish, Maine, Saint Joseph’s College has all that you would expect in this east coast state. This includes a refreshing fall breeze and a complete assortment of fall colors. Students and visitors can enjoy peaceful walks through campus in this picturesque setting. Others may choose to enjoy the view on the beach of Sebago Lake. No matter where you choose to enjoy a beautiful day on campus, you will be sure to come back each year.

25 Denison University – Granville, Ohio


For those living in the midwest, visiting Denison can be an excellent treat in the fall. Located in Granville, Ohio, this rural campus is booming with vibrant colors each autumn. On campus, you will find students and professors strolling the paths or enjoying a bench seat. For the science and nature lovers, Denison University offers a biological reserve displaying beautiful foliage and wildlife.

24 Augustana College – Rock Island, Illinois


Augustana College is a campus in which residents of Rock Island, Illinois take pride. With impressive architecture and walking paths, students and visitors can enjoy the view while seeing all of fall’s colors. As a small campus with about 2,500 students, Augustana College is full of energy and excitement as new classes begin and fall sports are underway. Just one visit to this picturesque setting and you will be eager to visit each fall. For those looking for an active fall afternoon, individuals can talk a walk through the neighboring woodlands or botanical gardens. Or, to view even more wildlife, students and visitors can walk through the zoo!

23 University of Colorado – Boulder, Colorado


Nestled in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, the University of Colorado, Boulder is an amazing site. It is especially beautiful in the fall as the leaves are changing colors and the mountains are giving the air a crisp, refreshing feeling. This urban campus of over 30,000 students has an exciting feeling each fall as students and professors attend new classes. With a variety of coffee shops and boutiques, visitors will love the city feel that Boulder offers while still having a great deal to enjoy about the outdoors. In fact, there are may outdoor views to enjoy in addition to the Rocky Mountains. Students and visitors can see the vibrant fall colors while strolling near one of the numerous lakes, flatirons, and creeks Boulder has to offer.

22 Bucknell University – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


In the rural town of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania lies the great Bucknell University. This campus is a fall favorite because of the colorful foliage and campus pathways. Individuals on campus enjoy strolling through the University or taking in the refreshing fall air on a bench. Students enjoy walking through Lewisburg Cemetary, which displays a wide array of fall coloration, and alongside the nearby Susquehanna River.

21 Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut


On just 600 acres in the suburban town of Hamden, Connecticut resides the campus of Quinnipiac University. Everyone knows the east coast is a scenic setting in the fall, and Quinnipiac Campus is no exception. When visiting in the fall, you will be surrounded with an array of brilliant colors. Students enjoy walking to class with the pleasant autumn smell in the air. For an afternoon adventure, students and visitors can walk through Sleeping Giant State Park and be blown away by all the beautiful colors of fall.

20 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan


Located in the quaint town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, The University of Michigan is an awesome setting for the fall. You can enjoy a scenic walk through The Diag or the Nichols Arboretum for a change to see the colors of fall. Both locations offer the perfect setting to sit on a blanket and really take in the fall atmosphere. Or, you can check out the Matthaei Botanical Gardens to see various forms of foliage from all over the world. For that sunny fall afternoon you can choose to stroll along the peaceful Huron River, or cheer on the Wolverines at the Big House.

19 Lafayette College – Easton, Pennsylvania


Overlooking Lehigh Valley and South Mountain, Lafayette College is an exceptional fall setting. On just 340 acres, this suburban college in Easton, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to get a taste of fall colors. Students and visitors enjoy a picturesque walk through a campus full of trees. An especially popular spot is The Quad where you can sip your coffee and watch all the happenings of fall. With an array of auburn and gold, you will be eager to visit each time the season of fall is upon us.

18 St. Olaf College – Northfield, Minnesota


In the rural town of Northfield, Minnesota lies the quaint St. Olaf College. This gorgeous campus is quite a treat in the fall. With leaves of various shades, students and visitors enjoy strolling through the paths of campus to see the views of fall. To add to the visual appeal of the campus, individuals can sit alongside the wetlands or tall grass prairie and feel the refreshing fall air on their skin. Or, if you prefer a more active afternoon, you can walk through the woodlands and see all that the fall foliage has to offer. You may even get lucky and see a bit of wildlife while on your stroll.

17 University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia

A great place to take an enjoyable fall stroll is the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Located on a World Heritage Site, the campus is rich with history and breathtaking architecture. Walking the campus paths on a refreshing fall day will be filled with the excitement of students attending new classes, professors sipping coffee, and all shades of fall. Students and visitors can bring a blanket and relax on The Lawn with beautiful trees of red, yellow and orange surrounding them on all sides. Others may choose to watch a fall event at the Amphitheater, or enjoy an afternoon on The Rotunda or The Range as a way to experience all that the campus has to offer.

16 Mount Holyoke College – South Hadley, Massachusetts


Located in the beautiful South Hadley, Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College is quite a sight in the fall. The best way to see the vibrant colors of fall is to take a stroll or ride through the Woodland Riding Trails. Students and visitors can also visit the botanical gardens. With just 2,300 students and 2,000 acres of land, the campus offers a great deal of space to spread out a blanket and enjoy the fall colors. Plus, Mount Holyoke has two beautiful lakes – Upper and Lower Lakes – with scenic waterfalls. These numerous sites make students and visitors of Mount Holyoke feel that they are truly experiencing fall in all of its glory.

15 University of Denver – Denver, Colorado


Overlooking the picturesque Rocky Mountains, the University of Denver has a scenic campus with the changing of seasons, as fall brings an array of golden colors and a refreshing breeze. With over 11,000 students on a small campus, the University of Denver is alive with energy and excitement as fall is underway. If the mountain view is not enough, then visitors and students can talk a walk through the Arboretum to be surrounded with vibrant, fall colors. For a relaxing afternoon, individuals can bring a blanket and read on the Campus Green or Carnegie Green. Both locations ensure you will enjoy all that fall has to offer.

14 Wellesley College – Wellesley, Massachusetts


Wellesley College seems to have all the scenic options right on campus. The school is nestled within evergreen and deciduous woodlands that are vibrant with colors each fall. Students can enjoy the perfect study spot on a bench overlooking Lake Waban, or lay on a blanket near the beautiful meadow. There is even a botanical garden to enjoy in this quaint Massachusetts college campus. Any student, professor, or visitor will feel complete serenity when strolling the paths surrounding these sites. With so many beautiful colors, you will be sure to crave a visit each time the fall season is upon us.

13 Wheaton College – Norton, Massachusetts


If you enjoy the beautiful fall coloration on the east coast, then Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts is a must see. With paths through a picturesque campus and alongside running creeks, students and visitors enjoy every moment of the fall season. You can experience all the vibrant colors of red and orange from the woodlands as well. Whether you choose to take a walk through these parts or bring a blanket to relax, you will feel refreshed after your visit to this campus.

12 Hamilton College – Clinton, New York


This campus is perfect for those who prefer the peaceful serenity of fall. With just over 1,800 students and 1,300 acres, there is plenty of room to enjoy your space as you walk through the beautiful campus and witness the changing leaves. Located in Clinton, New York, Hamilton College is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city: One that will remind you of the refreshing power of fall.

11 Bowdoin College – Brunswick, Maine


Maine is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in the fall. While experiencing all of the shades of red and yellow, be sure to stop by the campus of Bowdoin College to add to your fall experience. Walking the paths of campus in the refreshing fall air will feel utterly rejuvenating.

10 Trinity College – Hartford, Connecticut


The urban setting of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut is quite a sight. The small campus of just 100 acres is full of all the colors of fall. Enjoy seeing the colorful foliage while walking through the Main Quad. Here, you will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of students walking to class or studying for an upcoming exam. Sip coffee as you people watch and smell that refreshing autumn air.

9 Yale University – New Haven, Connecticut


Not only is Yale one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, but it is also one of the most beautiful. Fall is absolutely beautiful as students walk to class surrounded by leaves of yellow and red. This urban campus in New Haven, Connecticut is alive with excitement as new classes start. The campus even contains a nature reserve that is particularly beautiful in the fall. For a study break, students can enjoy a round of golf overlooking all of the vibrant colors and feel the refreshing crispness in the air. With both beauty and prestige, Yale is quite a special place. So special that you will be sure to visit again and again.

8 Emory University – Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia is full of great scenery all year long. In the fall, consider visiting Emory University and prepare to be blown away by the beautiful colors scattered throughout the campus. Situated northeast of downtown Atlanta, Emory is a great escape from the busy hustle and bustle of city life. Students and visitors can enjoy a relaxing stroll through Fernbank Forest and Natural History Museum to see all the beautiful colors of fall.

7 Lehigh University – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


The suburban city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is the perfect setting for a fall stroll. Visitors are able to especially enjoy the campus of Lehigh University during this season. As a campus that overlooks South Mountain, Lehigh is completely filled with all the golden colors of fall. While walking through campus, individuals enjoy great architecture and a cool fall breeze. Others may spend an afternoon in the fields or strolling through Sayre Park.

6 Earlham College – Richmond, Indiana


Home of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana is a beautiful fall treasure. Enjoying an afternoon stroll through the 800 acre campus will bring you to The Heart, or the Quad, of campus. Here you can relax on a blanket and feel the refreshing fall breeze, all while overlooking various shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. The campus setting is also complete with surrounding forests and meadows, both of which provide beautiful fall views to enjoy.

5 University of Washington – Seattle, Washington


Seattle is beautiful in the fall, making the University of Washington a vibrant fall setting. This urban campus is alive with excitement as over 40,000 students walk to and from class each day. Right on the water, students can enjoy a stroll overlooking Portage Bay or even study as they listen to the waves. The views are unbelievable as the Cascade Range and the Olympic Mountains are visible from all areas of campus. Students and professors alike are spoiled by the beautiful fall colors and scenic views this campus has to offer.

4 University of Notre Dame – South Bend, Indiana


South Bend, Indiana is home of the beautiful University of Notre Dame. With impressive architecture and winding pathways, students and visitors can enjoy each moment outdoors and the scenic sites the campus has to offer. A walk through campus is full of excitement as students attend their classes and the array of fall colors surrounds the entire outdoors. Visitors and students can also enjoy the views of the lakes on campus and sip coffee while experiencing the refreshing fall breeze. Or, attend a football game and join in the exciting school spirit as Notre Dame students and alumni cheer on the Fighting Irish. With so much beautiful fall scenery, Notre Dame will be one to visit again and again.

3 Middlebury College – Middlebury, Vermont


Yet another beautiful east coast town makes the list of beautiful fall campuses. Middlebury College, nestled in the rural town of Middlebury, Vermont is a small college with a lot to love! Walking through the campus trails is a great escape, surrounded by beautiful campus buildings and changing leaves. The view of Green Mountain and The Adirondacks in the fall is absolutely breathtaking.

2 Cornell University – Ithaca, New York


The beautiful Cornell University in Ithaca, New York is a wonder each fall. The vibrant fall colors and crisp fall air add even more beauty to the winding paths and unique architecture of campus. This urban setting is alive with the exciting hustle and bustle of class. That, paired with the crisp fall air, will leave visitors feeling rejuvenated. In addition to the campus scenes, Cornell has Cayuga Lake, Fall Creek Gorge, and the Cascadilla Gorge to display the beauty of fall. Plus, students and visitors can enjoy a stroll through the botanical garden or Cornell Plantation for a way to enjoy fall to the max.

1 Wake Forest University – Winston-Salem, North Carolina


In the beautiful state of North Carolina lies Wake Forest University. With the mountains to the west and the coast to the east, students and visitors of North Carolina enjoy all that nature has to offer. In the fall, you can find an array of colors lining the paths of the Wake Forest campus to make for a picturesque setting. The Wake Forest campus is more than just beautiful paths. Students and visitors can take a walk through the Reynolda Gardens to view a variety of wildlife and foliage, or visit the Davis Field for a relaxing afternoon of enjoying the outdoors.